Hands-on workshop for beginners and advanced users of the ALF package
26 Jun-2 Jul 2020 Würzburg (Germany)


The ALF User Workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced users of the package and consists of two parts:

Getting to Know ALF: installation and tutorial — starting on Friday, June 26th;
ALF in Production: workgroup projects and advanced features — from Monday (29th) on.

Users new to ALF will reach the second part of the workshop with a working installation and basic knowledge of the package. It's also possible to attend only the second, more advanced part of the workshop (Monday, 29 June, to Thursday, 02 July).

The core of the event are hands-on sessions and we request participants to bring their own machines. In the second part of the workshop, participants will be able to form groups, work through simple projects and present their results on the last day of the event.

Participants are encouraged to submit contributions to the poster session. The event also includes invited presentations which will cover the QMC theoretical basis and recent results obtained with ALF.

Notice that due to space limitations, the number of participants is limited, and applicants may be requested to submit a CV and statement of interest before their registration is approved.

Registration deadline: 29th March 2020.


The ALF Package

The Algorithms for Lattice Fermions package provides a general open-source code for finite-temperature auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo models.

Models can be specified at minimal programing cost, on arbitrary 1- and 2-D Bravais lattices. Parallel tempering, as well as projective and finite-temperature approaches are available. Suitable for both benchmarking and golden standards.

Learn more about the package at the ALF Webpage.


Travel assistance

Participants in need may request financial assistance by emailing us a justified request. The deadline for requesting assistance is 1st March 2020, with a decision being reached no later than 5th March 2020.



  • Fakher F. Assaad (University of Würzburg)
  • Jefferson Stafusa E. Portela (University of Würzburg)
  • Florian Goth (University of Würzburg)
  • Jonas Schwab (University of Würzburg)



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